The What, How, and Why of Feeling Good On Purpose


Types of Sessions Offered

Depending on what you'd like to accomplish and other factors, I offer a few different types of sessions, and each may include one or more modalities: hypnosis, TIME Techniques, NLP, or deep self-inquiry. Sessions are unlike traditional psychotherapy in a few ways: 

  • They are intended to get you results quickly - in one or two sessions - as opposed to long term therapeutic relationships. You will know at the end of your session whether or not you've gotten the specific results you wanted.  (I do occasionally provide coaching, however, for achieving goals and aims that unfold over time.)

  • You don't have to talk about anything you don't want to. In fact, you can do a session with me almost entirely without saying a word, and still get great results! That's because of the inward-looking nature of what we'll be doing together - I will act as your guide in doing the inquiry, and you can simply quietly follow the instructions, if you prefer. I love hearing what's going on throughout the process, though, and I find that almost everyone enjoys communicating out loud what they're learning as they go. And often, answering my questions out loud, hearing yourself speak "outside the bones of your head," can be enough to provide you with tremendous insight and resolution of issues and concerns.  

  • Most sessions are conducted by phone or skype (voice only). This means you'll have as much privacy as you need to be comfortable and secure, you can sit or recline in your favorite comfy chair, you don't have to dress up to go out. My "observations" are done through my listening. In-person sessions may also be conducted.

  • Two most common ways of knowing you've gotten results:

  1. You'll be laughing out loud at how easy it was. Big, bold, Buddha Belly laughs.
  2. You'll find it hard to remember how a problem you used to have (a few hours or even minutes previously) had ever been a problem. 

Read through the next sections to discover some of the types of sessions we might use to get you the results you want. 

What Clients Say

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