Clients' Words


Personal Empowerment - B. Smith, Torrance, California

For about five years, I had been struggling with some significant anxiety and depression after being suddenly laid-off from a job I had held for 27+ years.  I quickly found work in another field, but I can now see that something had changed inside me; I found it difficult to focus on issues and projects in my personal life, and I became fearful of losing the remaining (and new) connections to those closest to me. It was as if everything positive in my life had a mirror image of the grief I would feel by losing it. I could no longer feel the passion and engagement in my activities that had previously given me so much satisfaction and energy. If this was what I might understand as a 'mid-life crisis', I was wholly unprepared for it.


Angela had suggested to me a session over the phone that she believed could help me uncover the subconscious and unconscious conclusions I had made about my life, and I agreed to take part. The initial phase began a week earlier, when Angela gave me some tasks to complete before the phone session.  These were helpful in that they helped me familiarize myself with general aspects of the unconscious mind and to specify what I wanted out of the session. The session lasted about four hours, yet seemed to last a fraction of that time.  There were exercises in the session that I had some difficulty with, yet I was impressed how Angela could address these - seemingly intuitively - without skipping a beat. After each phase of the session, when I was asked to open my eyes, I felt I had gained a new and revelatory outlook to a particular event or issue.


Looking back, I feel the session made a positive difference in how I face the issues that have (and continue to) come up for me. The session revealed some basic truths to me about how we can unconsciously situate ourselves to experiences in helpful and unhelpful ways. Even my partner, upon returning home later that day, remarked on how I seemed 'lighter' and 'calmer' . . . even before reminding her of the session I had with Angela that morning. I have to admit that I went into the experience with some doubt and trepidation, and I did have some resistance to certain aspects of the technique; but Angela got me through each issue, and ultimately, the session was realized as a meaningful step in my personal empowerment.


Amazing possibilities for your future - Damian, Massachussetts

I had my Breakthrough Session with Angela about two weeks ago. I can say with all honesty that it was some of the best money I've ever spent. Talking and working with Angela is a freeing and invigorating experience. She will help to open your eyes to choices and possibilities that you may have decided were out of your reach. She'll walk you through ways to change how you view your past and as a result you'll see amazing possibilities for your future. 

The techniques she uses and the ideas she presents to you are simply fantastic. You'll enjoy the exercises and you'll be pleasantly surprised how your perspective will start to change. Your time with her will fly by. In the end, Angela gives you the tools and helps you find the mindset that will help you focus on what it is you truly want. She'll give you the strength and the piece of mind to take action, to break your chains, and to confidently go after what it is you want in this life.

If you're on the fence, hesitant or skeptical I urge you to get in touch with her for the consultation she offers. After a few minutes on the phone with Angela, I thought I was talking to an old friend. She'll make you comfortable, she'll listen, she'll provide tools and most importantly she'll open your eyes to the power you have over your life. She is an incredible person who I'll always do my best to stay in touch with. Talk to her, and you'll see what I mean.


Angela has helped me grant my own wishes - Ken Leiboff, California

When I contacted Angela for help, I was not in a desperate condition (just an unhappy one),

For many years, I have carried  this negative voice in my mind  that says: “you are stupid, lazy, incompetent, nobody loves you, you are going to fail, WHY DON’T YOU JUST GIVE UP ? “  I have had all kinds of mental help, including hypnosis. For the most part, they have worked, but the “voice” has never left me. It has interfered with every job, every relationship… everything.


I have been sober for 16 years. I have worked and continue to work the steps and have processed my resentments (or so I thought). Unfortunately, not all the way.  People love me.  I am not a failure. I am not lazy or stupid. I knew this, intellectually, and the voice never left me.  In a miraculously short time, Angela took me to a place where I was able to identify the areas that were crippling me and I became able to “un-cripple” myself. 


I am still asking myself “How does this work?”... the best answer that  I can come up with  is “It works very well!”  During  the session, I came to a realization that  the “voice” was a manifestation of a real voice that I grew up with… I had known this but I wasn’t ready to let it go... on the way home I decided that it was time to  give it a rest.  45 minutes later I was in a cemetery. I placed a flower  and a harmonica on my Mother’s grave (she had not been a fan of my music but can’t everyone use a harmonica?)  I cried (doesn’t happen often) and a dark cloud lifted from my life. Hatred that had been dragging me down like an anchor turned to acceptance, pity…love? The “voice” has been silent…


In the last 2 weeks, I have been able to mend relationships with co workers, I have gone through

some extremely stressful situations  and  a couple of projects that have not worked out  well

without undo grief. I have managed to fulfill my duties like the leader that I am. My music career is beginning to take off again with new opportunities and projects presenting  themselves. My voice, which I lost 10 years ago, is returning! I can write again! I have been blocked for years. I have had some opportunities to be a positive and helpful friend and parent.


The voice in my head has been silent.  It has been a long time….


How does it work?  (very well)   We may wish for angels to grant us wishes...

Angela has helped me “grant” my own wishes!




I feel tremendous and glorious! - J. Leiboff, Los Angeles, California

Angela is in and of herself an angel and total blessing. She has made me truly able to see, hear, and most importantly understand the many angels I’ve had hanging around all the time. It is exciting to feel unrestrained and happy just in existing... and after only a few hours! I always thought only after years or therapy, meditation, self work, and many life experiences would I be able to attain happiness... I feel tremendous and glorious. It's almost too easy! My quality of life has been transformed inside as well as on the outside. Forever altering the course in a truly beautiful way... Thank you Angela!


Solve the root of the problem - D.L., New York City

Before my Time Technique session with Angela she said that I'll feel like I had a cleaning and I will get rid of "all the gunk"- this sounded pretty abstract to me at the time, but after the session I understood exactly what she meant- this is precisely how I feel- like my "pipes" were cleaned and my perception is clearer. It's helped me see what I really really want. 

Angela is wonderful 

No only is she super wise and intelligent she's also very intuitive and generous. I've worked with all kinds of therapists before including with NLP, but for Angela I feel real love- and I've never even met her in person! It was like I had a session with my higher self. 

To me it seems like through traditional psychology you can learn a whole lot about yourself, but here can actually solve the root of the problem in only a few hours in one day!

I’m amazed by the the simplicity of it!

Angela is so talented at what she does and I feel very privileged to have worked with her.


Safe Space - Holly, Australia

Angela is a highly skilled, warm and genuine helper and coach. She has the ability to inspire real trust in the people she supports, thus creating a safe space for her clients to let go of the limiting beliefs that prevent them of experiencing real happiness. Angela will support, guide, and challenge you where necessary. You are never alone in the process. Thanks to her, I've learnt that feeling good really is a choice, one that anyone can make at anytime. I highly recommend Angela to anyone who is willing and ready to make that choice.  


Purpose - Gloria, Texas

I had my sessions with Angela earlier this month. I contacted her because I was directionless about my purpose in life, even though I had worked on defining this part of my life several times. Throughout the first time we spoke (the session was split in two parts), she was able to guide me through the process of releasing pent up negative emotions that had been fogging up my vision. I could finally take a clear look at what I was doing to hold myself back. Afterwards, she helped me figure out what was important to me, what I valued most. This was so hard for me to recognize before our talk! I would get so frustrated because I knew what I liked to experience, but I didn't understand why. 

I noticed much improvement especially in these areas: 

Communication with people, I seem to find it easier to be waaaay more honest about how I feel about a certain situation. My former pattern was to just repress most of my feelings. 

The prevalent gut feeling of guilt is gone!!! My words do me no justice here. I felt so guilty all the time and I had no idea why. Now I am able to recognize Stan now, my gremlin. And my hand washing compulsion I've had since I was little is almost completely gone. Now, I notice the urge to do it and make a different choice if I want to.  

It has been my dream to travel and as part of my 'desires list' of the areas I wanted help with from Angela, I told her I wanted to have a commitment to travel. In between our sessions I had a friend called me up to tell me she was getting married, I was committed to traveling. I also got another invitation to travel from another friend the next day. I don't know what to say except it seems like a result of some NLP love!

I'm so so incredibly grateful to Angela. She is truly a gifted and loving professional and I have never felt so comfortable being truly honest with someone, without having to worry about being judged. 


Social Anxiety is Gone! - Sandra, Mexico City

I had my session with Angela around a month ago. My life has changed completely. I cannot even begin to describe all the areas where things have changed, because so many things that felt difficult before, now feel completely natural. My social anxiety is gone. Not hidden, no tricks to deal with it, it is just simply gone! Where before making a 5 minute call on the phone would cost me at least 15 minutes prepare time and plenty of anxiety, now I can just pick up the phone and call people! No problem! Where before I had very strong reactions to situations (for example feeling excluded, with or without reason), I now have the tools to change that feeling instantly. Not only that, my fear (phobia) of spiders and dark underground places is GONE. And we weren't even aiming for that! 

Since my session with Angela I've made 2 new friends here in Mexico where before I had none. One of them I knew because her husband is friends with my husband and therefor we saw each other every now and then. And she told me that lately (last 2 times she saw me) I was positively glowing! So even to people who don't know me well, I look different. And I feel different. I feel so complete in my life now. I don't feel like there are things missing. I don't feel frustrated because of procrastination (also gone btw, unless it is on purpose), I don't feel left alone anymore when my husband has to work late.

If I had to sum up my experience with Angela in a few sentences it would be: She gave me my life back. It was the best money I ever spend in my entire life!! 


Passion and Enthusiasm for Life - Jacob, Vancouver

In his book Catching the Big Fish, filmmaker David Lynch talks about the "suffocating rubber clown suit of negativity" that had defined his existence and the joy and freedom of discovering how simple it really is to dissolve. I have now had the pleasure of experiencing this phenomenon after one phone session with Angela. Within a matter of minutes she had helped me identify and release the deeply rooted fear, guilt, anger and sadness that had been unconsciously running my life for as long as I can remember (and most likely before that!). Angela then guided me through the process of replacing those limiting beliefs with my own unique, truthful purpose and identity. And she did all this in a way that was gentle, insightful and provocative at the same time. It's only been a few days but I've already begun to notice profound changes in my relationships with others, with the world around me - and with myself. My passion and enthusiasm for life has returned in a way I hadn't thought possible until now. I had the raw fuel inside me all along, but Angela was the spark I needed to ignite it.


Self Love - Cathy Rakov, Florida Keys

In one session Angela quieted that inner voice that had me running around in circles and getting no where for years. Her compassionate and loving manner quickly built a level of trust that allowed me to feel at ease to dig deep. Years of therapy could not have taught me the many concrete lessons Angela did in what seemed like lightning speed. One of the most profound moments in our session was to realize that the little girl in me simply needed a hug. I am now able to access that self-love every morning when I wake up and it is the last thing I do before I go to sleep at night. Angela’s ability to succinctly explain (in just a few minutes) how to address a particular issue in my life and more importantly how to do something about is a “tool” I will use the rest of my life.  This “tool” almost magically gives me a focused energy to actually see the possibilities and accomplish them. Angela embraces the gift of life in a positive way and most importantly has the ability to communicate that gift. I am profoundly grateful to have found Angela on my path. She gently guided me to climb the mountain, be present to feel the wind on my cheeks and be in awe at all the beauty that surrounds me. 


Amazed by the results - Jeroen, The Netherlands

Doing a session with Angela is a real treat. She is funny, warm and accepting and I felt immediately at ease. Angela has without a doubt a lot of experience in PD, NLP, hypnosis and other related fields as she used a whole range of techniques during our mini-breakthrough session. Yet it never felt like someone was doing techniques on me. It all goes in an easy flow where I learned many useful things. 

During the intake Angela took great care to make sure that our expectations would be met, and that we would work on the right issue.  During the mini-breakthrough we explored what I want, what I need to get it (and Angela taught me a few great techniques to use) and we uprooted a very deep negative belief that was obstructing my progress. On another day we did a 2-hour session with an hypnosis session to strengthen my new way and we did a session to discover my true values. I’ve done discover-your-value exercises before, but Angela had a few tweaks on the process that make it very powerful. I was amazed by the results. 

If you are willing to take responsibility for your life and unleash your full potential, I wholeheartedly recommend doing a session (or more) with Angela.


The authentic life I always wanted to live - Carol Brown, Bozeman, Montana

In two hours Angela helped me overcome fears that I had been dealing with for over 3 decades!  I am now growing into the person I always knew that I could be and living the authentic life I always wanted to live!!


Owning and embracing who I am - Anna Conlan

Angela is a fantastic, sensational coach and therapist. I can’t recommend her enough.

I contacted her twice about two issues that have been bothering me for several years. The first time, Angela responded promptly and generously put together a hypnosis mp3 for me to listen to, to help me resolve the issue, as a favour.

When I got around to having a session with her on the phone, within a few hours, Angela had helped me get to the bottom of why I behave the way I do in these issues and why I choose certain patterns that do not serve me.

The shift that I created in the session with Angela is something that has shaken up my life in so many ways. I feel more confident, powerful, more loving towards myself, and less fearful. I think the biggest (unexpected) side effect I’ve seen so far in a concrete way, is that I feel free to write more frequently on my blog as I am being less of a perfectionist and less self-critical.

And there is another benefit that I have experienced, that is hard for me to put into words because it’s so intangible and in the realm of feelings. It’s that I feel like the session put me back in touch with some part of me that I was neglecting. You could call it my ‘mojo’, my sparkle or my essence. I don’t know what to call it, but suffice to say that I feel like I’m owning and embracing myself and who I am more fully as a result of the session and that feels wonderful. 

Finally, I think a lovely gift that Angela brings to the session is that she supports you entirely in the perspective that you can truly create and change whatever you want to. I really felt like she had real faith in me the whole time which was very inspiring in the moments when I had forgotten my own power to create change.


Everything in my life feels sunnier now - B. Clark

I just wanted to say thanks again - that was such an incredible session! Everything in my life feels sunnier now. I realized afterward that up until then, all my experience of NLP was either from watching videos or from the little bit of instruction that we got in the class I took - which wasn't very in-depth. The real thing, in person, is so much more powerful! Once again, thank you so much for your time and skill and empathy!


Gratitude and Joy in the Here and Now - Torian Rice

I can’t say enough positive things about Angela and the techniques she used to help me create an emotional turnaround.   With Angela’s capable assistance I was able to acknowledge and retain the lessons that I learned from the past without continuing to carry unnecessary suffering into the present, which opened up a space within for feeling more gratitude and joy in the here and now.  Angela combined a sense of positivity and earthiness that I found reassuring.  And I appreciated her prompt responses to my initial inquiries about her services.  If you’re looking for fast, efficient and effective ways to feel better now, than I can think of no better person to help you do that than Angela!


I'm SO excited! - Sina Shahbazian, San Pedro, California

LIMITING BELIEFS BE GONE BABY! I FINALLY got clear of my self-sabotaging limiting beliefs! I can't sleep, cause I'm SO excited! It's mind blowing! I'm now ready to embark on the next chapter of my life! The visions, the dreams, the finances, I REALLY feel like they are on the way! It's all clear to me now why I did what I did and why I wasn't doing anything when all the tools were in front of me to get what I want!


Highly recommend - Rosine Caplot, France

Angela is a fabulous coach. Her coaching gave me the choice to generate in my life what I want to be - or not. It was painful and I was terribly scared. But the process set me free. It has changed all areas of my life for the better, and I'm infinitely thankful to Angela for that. 

I applied her method to several other negative thought patterns since then, with great success. Angela's coaching definitely is a valuable tool to learn, and an impressive experience! I highly recommend it. 


Results were instantaneous - Al, Long Beach, California

I was very glad to have come to Angela for help.  Being a healthy skeptic, I did not know what to expect and just placed my trust in her to resolve specific issues.  The results were instantaneous!  I felt them the very next day and knew I had probably changed my life for the better!


More - M. Blum, Beverly Hills, California

I got more out of two hours of coaching from Angela than I got out of years of therapy! 


Clarity - John Palmer, Santa Monica, California

It gave me clarity to lift the fog -- there was so much that was hidden from my view, and you helped me shine a light on it!  Things are much brighter now.


Core of the issue - Anne Houston, Massachusetts

Angela's coaching helped me uncover years’ worth of long buried beliefs that were seriously hindering my personal development.  Her love, sincere caring and bold way of cutting through to the very core of the issue, continuously inspires and motivates me.      


Life I only imagined - Jennifer, Texas

Angela’s coaching has propelled me to look boldly at myself and create the type of life I only imagined was possible.


Fantastic! - M. Heller

Angela is fantastic!  She’s very intuitive, homing in on the important issues with unusual accuracy.  More than that, she is fantastic as a person.  She simply glows with a positive energy that can’t help but to infect you, which can help as much or even more than the coaching itself.  She is vibrant with life, and committed to sharing that with everyone she coaches. I highly recommend her.  


More than I imagined possible - Caren Knox, Hundley, South Carolina

I got more than I imagined possible from Angela’s coaching.  Through working with her, I was able to bring to light several deep issues and work with them and through them to a place of empowerment and possibility.  I experienced more growth and awareness through Angela’s method in just a couple of sessions than I have in YEARS of other types of techniques.  Working with her got me in touch with deeper parts of myself than any other work I’ve done.  It’s her method, but it’s also herSELF; working with her provided that safe space to go deep, deep, deep.  I’m so glad I decided to work with her!  I highly, highly recommend it -- and Angela!!