Mind Spa

The Mind Spa, or Mini-Breakthrough Session, is the most popular session at Feel Good on Purpose. In the Mind Spa, we can address a particular issue or collection of issues in your life, or we can simply provide you with an amazingly refreshing “new start” along with helpful resources for feeling wonderful on demand, going forward.  

The Mind Spa begins when you book your session - I will send you a hypnosis mp3 for you to listen to prior to your session that will give you a sense of what hypnosis feels like. This recording will also support you in maximizing the results you want to get, and you can listen to it at any time to just relax and feel great. I’ll also give you some things to think about in the days before your session that will begin to get your conscious and unconscious aims aligned, including a fun, playful thought game for you to play either with others or on your own.

During the Mind Spa, I’ll guide you in using a light, daydreamy state (you are in 100% control at all times!) to explore your most cherished desires, and to release bad-feeling emotions that may be getting in the way of achieving those desires. TIME Techniques is a very powerful and fun method for you to get in touch with the abundance of your own internal resources and to create future that inspires and excites you.  

You’ll learn specific, effective tools for releasing anxiety, making decisions in your life that work really well for you, eliminating limiting decisions and self-beliefs, releasing phobias and irritations, creating habits that have you feeling great, and generating a future that has you dancing on air.  

The Mind Spa is most often done by phone or skype, and it lasts approximately four hours. My clients are routinely amazed by how fast the session goes, and how easily and effortlessly they get the results they most want - even many results they had not thought possible.  

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