Personal Breakthrough Session

I  am now available for your Personal Breakthrough Session for achieving the success you and I both want for you, in the area of life that would make the most profound difference:   Purpose, Career, Relationship, Fitness, or Family. During our free phone consultation, I will assist you in choosing an area of life based on where you are now and where you'd like to be.  The Session is approximately 8 to 10 hours of one-on-one time, usually completed over two days within one week. Typically, the first day is approximately 6 hours and the second portion is a shorter follow up.  Most clients tell me the time flies by more quickly than they would have imagined!

Once you book your session with me, I will send you a “warm up” hypnosis mp3 for you to enjoy in the days prior to your session. Listening to this recording will give you a sense of what a light hypnotic trance feels like, and it will support you in maximizing the results you’d like to achieve during the session. You can also enjoy relaxing and feeling great anytime by listening as often as you would like. Additionally, I’ll provide you with some information that will help you get ready for your session by beginning to get your unconscious and conscious mind working and playing together. 

During your one-on-one Personal Breakthrough Session, we will: 

  • Determine Your Heart's Desire

We'll begin by looking at your specific aims - what results, exactly, will be present in this area of your life, and how you will know for certain that you've achieved them or are well on your way - by the end of our session.

  • Define Your Goals

You've tried setting goals in the past, but have you always reached them? I will help you understand why you may not have reached those past goals, and will help you define achievable goals for the future.

  • Eliminate Obstacles

Are there negative emotions, limiting decisions or limiting beliefs in your past that are preventing you from achieving complete success? I will help you identify and eliminate these obstacles, often in surprisingly little time.

  • Solve Inner Conflict

Perhaps you are torn and conflicted when it comes to success. Many people attach moral meaning to wealth or believe that they don't deserve to make a lot of money, have personal happiness, or meet the love of their life. Sadly, these meanings are often so overbearing, they prevent any measure of success at all. I will help you discover what your inner-conflicts are and — using advanced NLP and TIME Techniques™ — eliminate and free you from those conflicts so you can realize your ultimate potential.

  • Discover What is Important

Often times, the things we think are important in life don't match up with the success we want. I will help you to discover what is important to you and to adjust those values and beliefs to be fully aligned with your hopes, dreams and goals.

  • Get Support

A follow-up call to review your on-going results is included with a Personal Breakthrough Session.